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Felt Gasket Material

Auburn felt gasket materialis available in a wide range of hardnesses, thicknesses, durometers, colors, styles and densities — SAE Wool Felts, MIL-SPEC felts, F series felts, synthetic felts, woven or nonwoven felts, Polyester felts and Dacron Felts. Any Auburn Felt is available either plain (no adhesive) or with an adhesive-backing applied to one or both sides. All adhesive-backed felt products come with an easy to remove peel-off-liner. Auburn felt can be supplied in master log rolls, continuous length rolls or coils, slit tapes, precision strips, or fabricated custom parts.

Recommended Uses

SAE F-1 (34R1) White
High density white Wool Felt used for oil retention and feeding for low viscosity liquids and lightweight oils. Excellent wiping material for sheet metal and tube cleaning applications. High resistance to abrasion. Ideal for polishing and finishing hard surfaces.

SAE F-2 (34R2) Pink
SAE F-3 (34R3) Grey
Similar to F-1 in physical properties and applications. It can be used where slightly lower quality is acceptable.

SAE F-10 (18R1) White
SAE F-11 (18R2) Grey
SAE F-12 (18R3) Grey
Recommended for oil and grease retention where felt is confined and compressed in assembly. Can also be used for applications similar to F-5, F-6 and F-7 where operating conditions are not as severe.

SAE F-13 (18R4) Grey
SAE F-15 (18R5) Grey
Wide range of uses where abrasion and wear are not important requirements. Spacing strips, sound deadening, fuel oil filters, anti-rattle applications.

SAE F-26 (17R2) Grey
Non-Mechanical applications such as padding, packings, sound absorption.

SAE F-50 (34R1) White
High density white Wool Felt made in low thicknesses where a thin, accurate, firm material is required. Oil retainers for ball and roller bearings applications. Dust guards where minimal space is available. Excellent abrasion resistance.

SAE F-51 (34R3) Grey
Same general applications as F-50 except where tolerances and length for life is not as critical. Can be used for gaskets, liners, spacers where thin felt is required.

SAE F-55 ( 26R3) Black
Anti-squeak, anti-rattle strips, washers, rectangles where thin felt is needed.

Felt is easy to diecut into specific shapes. In addition to diecutting, Auburn can also kiss-cut, score, fold, sew, machine, form and bend any grade of felt. Standard thicknesses of felt range from .015" to 1.000" in increments of .031", however non-standard thicknesses of felt are also available from Auburn upon request with no minimum run or extra cost associated. Auburn has state-of-the-art skiving equipment that enables it to reduce felt to any desired thickness and to do it according to very tight tolerances. For thicknesses between 1.000" and 4.000", Auburn can ply two or more pieces of felt together to produce a new desired thickness or gasket size. The bonding agent is an extremely aggressive high-tack acrylic adhesive that forms a permanent seal between the individual felt layers.

Felt is also readily available with special treatments, coatings or impregnations that can be applied to the products to increase their performance and efficiency. Felt, for example, does not generally support combustion. However, with special treatments form Auburn, Felt can be rendered fire resistant. Mothproofing and mildewproofing are two other popular felt treatments. Hycar (nitrile rubber) and latex impregnations, along with rubber-to-felt laminations, are also available to improve resiliency and wear characteristics. TEFLON™ coatings can be applied to the surface of felt where extreme resistance to friction and wear are required.