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Saint Gobain® Silicone Gasket Materials

Flexible, resilient, Silicone Rubber from Auburn has a unique chemical structure which gives it high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other elastomer. Auburn supplies silicone rubber in a wide variety of forms & sheets, rolls, slit tapes, and close-tolerance die-cut fabrications. 

All thicknesses, grades (MIL-Spec), durometers, styles, and densities of silicone are available from Auburn.  Every type of silicone is available either plain (no adhesive) or with a choice of either silicone pressure sensitive adhesive or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive applied to one or both sides. Learn more about Auburn's solid silicone rubber, and silicone foam & sponge.

Saint Gobain® Tapes

Pressure sensitive electrical tapes and industrial tapes in a wide range of Saint Gobain® products are available from Auburn. These include silicone foam, silicone sponge and solid silicone, STRIP-N-STICK® Tapes, flexible graphite and copper foil tapes, tapes that are Teflon® coated, fiberglass-impregnated or made of insulating film, such as Kapton® or Polyester.

Auburn can slit any Saint Gobain® Tape to meet your dimensional specifications. Using the correct tapes for their intended applications will provide the necessary balance of electrical and mechanical properties. This ultimately saves time, limits waste and enhances productivity. Electrical tapes are typically used for major winding, layer and lead insulation, lead anchoring.

Saint Gobain®


Saint Gobain® Tapes

Saint Gobain® Electrical Tapes

Saint Gobain® Metal Foil Tapes

Saint Gobain® Strip N Stick