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Syntheseal® gasket material from Auburn is a direct substitute for asbestos –containing materials. Designed for use up to 180°C (350°F), Syntheseal services a wide range of pressures and internal fluids. Syntheseal is a proven substitute for joint sheet and asbestos-containing beater-addition products. These gasket materials are pliable, flexible, bendable, and easy to die cut into specific gasket shapes. Common usages of Syntheseal® include die cut gaskets for automotive water pumps, intake manifolds, compressors and small engines.

Standard Products

N-8092 is used in die cut gaskets for automotive, small engine, and compressor applications. It has excellent crush resistance at high flange pressures, and excellent sealing properties with oil, fuel, and water. It is intended for applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180°C (350°F).

N-8094 is a low-density material that conforms well to irregular flange surfaces and has very good crush resistance at high flange pressures. It is intended for die gaskets whose primary purposes are to seal oils, fuels, and water in applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180°C (350°F).

S-8091 is a controlled-swell, latent cure styrene butadiene bound material with reinforced cellulose fiber. It is intended for applications that involve die cut gaskets that seal oil, fuel, and low-pressure steam with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180°C (350°F).

N-8090 has a latent cure nitrile butadiene rubber binder and reinforced cellulose fiber. It has excellent crush resistance and good sealing characteristics. It is intended for gasket applications with a short duration maximum temperatures up to 180°C (350°F). N-8090 has UL component recognition.

Adhesive Backings

Auburn is capable of taking any Syntheseal® material and applying adhesive to one or both of its surfaces. Auburn adhesives are available for both raw materials and finished die cut gaskets including die cut shims, washers, spacers, gaskets and seals. Auburn works with dozens of popular adhesives including:

 The use of adhesives has many distinct advantges that include eliminating the messy job of cementing during assembly operations, assuring a uniform amount of adhesive per part, and reducing labor time in assembly operations.

Manufacturing Availability

Syntheseal® is available in many standard thicknesses - .010”, .015”, .031”, .047”, 062” and master rolls that are 40” wide. These products can be further supplied in a variety of forms that include continuous length rolls, sheets, precision strips, slit-to-width rolls and custom die cut gaskets.  An anti-stick coating is available and can be applied to either one or both surfaces.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Auburn’s speciality is fabrication of precision die cut gaskets with tight tolerances and clean cut edges for any production quantity from a single piece up to millions. All die cut gaskets are cleaned, inspected and neatly packaged prior to shipment. 


For a simple part such as a plain die cut washer, a disc, a rectangular pad or a uniform-width strip, a house-tool is very often available at no additional cost. For a more complex part that requires a tool, a steel rule die is built. A steel rule die’s cost is usually quite minimal ($95.00-$125.00 range) and its production time is ordinarily only 1 or 2 days, at which time a first article sample is sent to the customer for a final approval.

Ordering Information and Special Orders

Please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative to learn more about these products or to obtain material recommendations, product samples, design ideas, or price quotations for either raw materials or custom die cut gaskets.