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O-Rings and O-Ring Kits

Auburn is a supplier of all standard and metric O-Rings as well as custom O-Rings and precision molded rubber parts. When you come to Auburn, you can choose from a great variety of elastomeric compounds, including Viton®, Buna-N, Neoprene, EPDM, Urethane, Silicone, FDA Rubber, Nitrile, and more gasket materials

Auburn can also supply Standard O-Ring Kits and Custom O-Ring Kits.  Auburn specializes in prototypes, and short runs; up to production quantities in the millions.  Contact us to receive an immediate, free, no-obligation quotation.

Standard 382 O-Ring Kit

This kit contains the 30 size.  Each kit contains sizes - 006 thru -012, -110 thru -116, -210 thru -222, and -325 thru 327; in 70 durometer nitrile.  All packed in a sturdy styrene box with a generic contents identification label on the front cover.  In addition each kit also comes in an individual plain carton for added protection.  Kit ships immediately (same day) upon placement of order.  Standard Kit $19.95 each.

No. 436X36: U.S. Industrial O-Rings

The U.S. Industrial Standard Kist, No. 436X36, represents our best value in O-Ring Kits.  Each Kit contains a total of 436 O-Rings in 36 different sizes, which provide an extremely low cost-per-size index.  Kit No. 436X36 contains these sizes and quantities: 005 thru 011 (25 ea.) 012 (15) 013 thru 018 (10 ea.) 110 (15) 111 thru 116 (10 ea.) 117 thru 121 (7 ea.).  Packed in our compact 36 compartment box with a Contents Identification Card that shows dimensions and silhouettes of each size.  The 436X36 is now available in either 70 durometer nitrile or 75 durometer fluorocarbon rubber.  Nitrile Kit $21.50 each, Viton Kit $78.75 each.

No. 500X36: Metric O-Rings

The 500X36 is a truly useful metric O-Ring kit containing 36 metric sizes commonly used in industrial and automotive applications.  Each kit is packed in out compact 36 compartment styrene box and includes a Contents Identification Card showing actual O-Ring size and dimensions in both millimeters and inches.  Each kit includes these 36 sizes and quantities (dimensions in millimeters): 2.2x1.6 (20) 3.1x1.6 (20) 4.1x1.6 (20) 4x2 (20) 5x1.5 (20) 4.3x2.4 (15) 6x2 (20) 5.3x2.4 (15) 7.1x1.6 (20) 5.6x2.4 (15) 8x2 (15) 7.6x2.4 (15) 9.1x1.6 (15) 9x2 (15) 8.3x2.4 (15) 10.1x1.6 (15) 8.6x2.4 (15) 10x2 (15) 9x3 (10) 10x2.5 (10) 10x3 (10) 12x2 (15) 13x1.5 (15) 11x3 (10) 13.1x1.6 (15) 13x2.5 (10) 19x2.5 (10) 20x2 (10).  The 500X36 is available in either 70 durometer nitrile or 75 durometer flourocarbon rubber.  Nitril Kit $27.95 each, Viton Kit $124.95 each.

No. 226X36Q: Quattro-Seals™

Quattro-Seals are designed to have four sealing surfaces as opposed to only two for the corresponding size O-Ring.  This doubling of the sealing sufface reduces the amount of squeeze required to effect a good seal.  As squeeze is reduced, friction is lowered, thus increasing sealing life.  Kit No. 226X36Q contains a total of 226 of the following 36 sizes of Quattro Seals: 005 thru 012 (10 ea.) 013 thru 016 (6 ea.) 017 & 018 (5 ea.) 110 thru 116 (6 ea.) 117 thru 121 (4 ea.) 210 thru 219 (5 ea.).  Contents Identification Card is included.  Quattro-Seals are molded from high quality 70 durometer nitrile and are packed in our compact 36 compartment box.  Quattro-Seal Kit's are $36.95 each.