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The Auburn Advantage

Dependability. That's the Auburn Advantage. It's the reason why original equipment manufacturers and end users look to Auburn to fulfill their design and production requirements. As the Preferred Choice, we've been solving our customers' problems with sealing, insulation, leakage, slipping, heat, corrosion, noise, wear and more for over a century.

Auburn is your dependable gasket manufacturer for die-cut fabrications...gaskets...insulation parts...seals... shims...washers...spacers or packings...O-Rings...tapes...sheet goods and roll goods... adhesives...shim-stock...cushions...pads...bumpers...and rubber molded parts. 

We offer it all, from simple washers to intricate die-cut fabrications. Auburn also specializes in prototypes, short runs, or production quantities in the millions. All are made of the highest quality, at competitive prices and with delivery to meet your most urgent schedules.


Call today for more information. Or, send us your specifications or prints for a prompt, no-obligation quote. Your product requirements will be evaluated; then the proper manufacturing procedure will be selected to insure precision fabrication that adheres to your exact specifications.